Commercial Drainage Services - CCTV Drain Survey

Commercial drainage blockages can sometimes be the sign of an extensive problem and may require a CCTV drain survey in order to identify the drainage issue. Obstructions, damaged joints, cracks and other drainage defects can be quickly and easily identified using our CCTV drain survey equipment. Once the drainage problem is identified, we can then advise you on the most suitable solution.

If you are experiencing foul odours, blocked drains or drainage issues that are difficult to view, a CCTV drain survey is a thorough method of checking the condition of your commercial drainage system.

Active Drain Solutions provides LookSee CCTV drain cameras on all of our drain cleaning units. Our LookSee cameras allows us to quickly check for drainage problems immediately. Alternatively, if a comprehensive CCTV drain survey is required for an extensive survey, we will provide a dedicated CCTV drain surveying unit. This service will include a full report, sketches and DVD survey footage.