Root Removal 

Domestic Drainage Services – Root Removal

The infiltration of roots into a domestic drainage system can wreak havoc. Not only can it cause slower drainage and drainage blockages, but it can also cause serious structural damage if not discovered. Roots can grow deep within a drainage system which is why this drainage problem can be difficult to tackle.

Active Drain Solutions have dealt with this drainage issue many times and understand how to fix this problem in an emergency. Each of our drainage units are fitted with the latest drainage unblocking equipment that can easily cut through even the toughest root infiltration. Our service also includes the safe removal of root material from your drainage system to ensure free flowing drainage.

Rat Flap Installation
Rat flap, RatFlap

Where root infiltration is an extensive drainage problem, we would recommend a CCTV Drain Survey that can inspect your entire drainage system and check for structural damage and other possible defects. This can be beneficial to understand the full extent of a root infiltration problem on your premises..