Domestic Drainage Services - Unblocking Sinks

Having a clear running sink is important for day to day sanitation such as washing your hands, cleaning dishes and general domestic cleanliness. Having a blocked sink provides a troublesome drainage problem that requires tackling quickly. Luckily, Active Drain Solutions can quickly and effectively resolve this issue.

Typically, issues with blocked sinks can be established quickly. Our service engineers will initially examine the sink’s plughole thoroughly in order determine the source of the blockage. If the plughole remains blocked, the sink may need to be fully drained and inspected further. Common sink blockages occur within the U-bend drainage pipe and can be quickly resolved with Active Drain Solutions unblocking equipment. The build up food waste, grease, debris and other indissoluble items such as plastics, can also quickly create sink blockages.

If you have a blocked sink, then give Active Drain Solutions a call. Our professional service engineers are available 24-7 and can guarantee a solution to your drainage problem.