House Buyer’s Drain Survey

House Buyers Drain Survey

Domestic Drainage Services – House Buyer’s Drain Survey

In order to avoid any unexpected problems with a drainage system or waste treatment system when buying a property, we recommend that you have a full drainage system survey carried out. If there are existing or potential drainage problems with the property you are buying, it’s best to be aware of these prior to purchasing. Similarly if you are trying to sell a house, it is best to sort out drainage problems in advance of the selling process.

House Buyer’s  Drain Survey

Active Drain Solutions provides expert drainage services for house buyers and sellers. Some of our services include a full CCTV drainage system survey and a structural drainage survey to check for defects, cracks, subsidence, root infiltration and blockages.

We also provide services, maintenance and surveying of septic tank systems and waste-water treatment systems. Active Drain Solutions can determine the condition of these systems and provide a professional report including recommendations for any necessary repairs.