Commercial Drainage Services - Unblocking Showers

If a shower in your commercial premises is blocked or not working properly, it can be extremely frustrating and disruptive to your business or commercial operations. Whether your shower is suffering from a full blockage or is taking too much time to drain fully, it is a drainage problem that can be easily tackled by Active Drain Solutions.

It’s often the case that shower waste pipes are hidden from view and are difficult to access. Some drainage problems or blockages are easily located in the shower trap while others require specialist equipment in order to locate the blockage.

Active Drain Solutions’ emergency drain cleaning services can solve your blocked shower drainage problems. One solution for unblocking showers involves using electro-magnetic equipment (rotating steel rodding worm). This involves maneuvering a rodding worm through the pipe-work to break up any blockage and can de-scale the drainage line. Another solution is the usage of chemicals which clears blockages effectively without leaving odour or residue.